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Photographed an air-crash the other day...

Photographed an air-crash the other day...

Just photographed Iceland's biggest ever air-crash exercise at Keflavík airport. A lot of interesting scenes to shoot where all different agencies and organizations come together to make it all look so easy saving lives and putting order to the chaos. I shot the exercise for multiple clients, ICE-SAR, Red Cross, Isavia and Civil protection. I big perk of shooting for the emergency sector is the people you get to work with. There is just something about the people involved in the emergency sector that make them a pleasure to work with. Stacked some of the images in the slideshow above. Would love comments below and shares on the social parts of the internet.

The responders

Just shot this for 112 for a project that will be revealed on the 112 day on February 11th. These are the people I relate to and enjoy shooting the most. Even though responders are just regular people there is a certain something that connects them all. A feeling of purpose mixed with passion and enthusiasm. I always love working with any type of responders.

ICE-SAR on duty as always

SL 1215-2 björgum jólunum Fbl.jpg

Shot this full page the other day for ICE-SAR. Published in all newspapers in Iceland the day before Christmas to remind people that the ICE-SAR volunteers are always available for call-out. Ever during the holidays. The days between Christmas and new years eve are when the teams raise most of their funding by selling fireworks.