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Siggi Sig


Building on my background

My background is in search and rescue as from the age of 16, since 1990, I have been a member of a volunteer SAR team as well as working for ICE-SAR, The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue doing training, management and many other aspects of search and rescue. After working in and around the search and rescue sector for 15 years professionally I turned the page, took a photography degree and started my carrier in professional photography. It only made sense to use my 25 years of search and rescue experience to build my photography on and by that merging my two life passions. 

My SAR experience

Since 1990 I have been a volunteer in search and rescue and from 1997 to 2012 I worked at the ICE-SAR headquarters, mostly around training and course development but also as search and rescue manager. My specialities in search and rescue are field searching and search management and for 17 years I was responsible for development of search training, including tracking and search methods. For the last few years working for ICE-SAR I was director of ICE-SAR's Rescue School, the ICE-SAR delegate in ICAR and have presented at various conferences and meetings in the SAR community around the world. I still do regular training for the ICE-SAR Rescue School. 

My Photography carrier

Although I have had a camera in my hand since I was a teenager my professional photography carrier only started in 2012 when I left my desk at ICE-SAR. My main work is in documentary and  commercial photography and the work presented on this site is my passion, photographing search, rescue and other emergencies. I have worked and sold images to a wide range of companies in Iceland and been published in magazines and books locally and internationally. You can see more of my day job imagery on www.sigosig.is (mostly in Icelandic though).

On a more personal note

On a more personal note I am married and have two daughters, living in Kopavogur (Reykjavík capital area). I love mountain biking, laying in the grass, climbing mountains and of course, photographing, both professionally and personally.


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Documenting operations, missions, crisis, training and simulations.

This is the backbone of my services, documenting emergency related events, training, operations, crisis, simulations or other events for law enforcement, fire departments, search and rescue, medical or other emergency related agencies or organisations. And the best news is that there are different ways of funding my services and the cost might surprise you in a good way. 

Contracted documentation

Thats where you hire me to document. I charge day rates and expenses and you get full royalty free rights to use the images. They can be distributed to participants after the event or be kept and used by you depending on your preference. If the budget allows that might be your best bet giving you all the flexibility you need.

Sponsored documentation

If you are on a tight budget than a partly or fully sponsored documentation might be an option. Depending on your event we might be able to get my services funded by sponsors in part or even in full. The images then get distributed to you and participants with watermark logos from the sponsors. If you or they want to use those images it has to be used with the logos visible. The images can also be obtained and used without the watermark for a royalty. Contact me for more information.

Pro-Bono Documentation

Every now and then, when time and money permit and the project is interesting and fills a gap in my portfolio, I might take a project without asking for a fee. Ping me an email if you are planning an event/simulation/training or other SAR or Emergency related event and you want to know more.

Have a budget for a presenter/instructor?

If you have a conference or training coming up and you are have a budget for presenters or trainers that might be one way of getting me over to shoot your team or your training. I do presentations on SAR in Iceland, field searching and tracking, volunteerism in SAR and more. 

Crisis and emergencies

Depending on availability I am willing and able to document crisis and emergensies as they unfold, be it for NGO's or other related agencies. The right imagery can prove crucial in raising funds and avereness in humanitarian crisis. As with other projects there are different ways of funding my services, such as joint missions between multiple organizations and sponsored projects. As I have a long history of search and rescue and volunterism, my rates are flexible when it comes to projects I feel passionate about.

Emergency lifestyle photoshoot

If you or your team needs imagery for promotion or other purposes, my documentary- and commercial photographic skills, backed up by my search and rescue background might be useful to make your imagery come alive. The world is getting smaller and my work area includes Europe and USA and if needed I might even travel further.

Buy Images / licence images

My growing catalog of emergency images might contain something worth your wall space. All the images on this website are available for purchase in digital or printed versions. Until my online store is up and running you can contact my through e-mail og the contact page on this site.

Presentations and workshops

For years I used to train search and rescue volunteers and professionals in different SAR skills and now I blend that with my outdoor photographic workshops on my home turf in Iceland. The workshops are as much about creating opportunities to catch that shot of action and adventure as it is about photography techniques, outdoor skills and tips and tricks to keep that camera and your creativity running in the harsh arctic conditions. 

As well as running tailored workshops I have presented about SAR in Iceland through images at various conferences and meetings in the international SAR community around the world and would be happy to consider visiting your conference. 


I would love to hear from you. Lets talk and see if we can´t find common ground.




"Creating a large and comprehensive collection of search, rescue and emergency imagery from around the world."

While that goal is no small undertaking, and truth be told not likely ever to be achieved by one small photographer from Iceland, the real goal is the journey towards that main goal. And of course to enjoy the journey, do some good and shoot some great images.

If you can think of any way to help me get closer to that distant goal, I'd love to hear from you.

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