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Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg

The responders

Just shot this for 112 for a project that will be revealed on the 112 day on February 11th. These are the people I relate to and enjoy shooting the most. Even though responders are just regular people there is a certain something that connects them all. A feeling of purpose mixed with passion and enthusiasm. I always love working with any type of responders.

ICE-SAR on duty as always

SL 1215-2 björgum jólunum Fbl.jpg

Shot this full page the other day for ICE-SAR. Published in all newspapers in Iceland the day before Christmas to remind people that the ICE-SAR volunteers are always available for call-out. Ever during the holidays. The days between Christmas and new years eve are when the teams raise most of their funding by selling fireworks.