There are close to 100 different SAR teams around Iceland. And when I say different, I mean different. The biggest teams, like the one where I was "brought up in" can have more than 400 members with as many as 15 to 20 superjeeps, snowmobiles, boats and other vehicles. And then there are teams like the one I visited recently at the small fishing village of Drangsnes in north west Iceland. With active members between 10-20 they just bought there first vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser on 38” tires. Now they no longer have to use their own personal cars on callouts like they have selflessly done for years in the past. While I am proud of my own roots in a big and professional team, it's teams like the team at Drangsnes that really capture my attention and have my respect. Along with their neighboring team at Hólmavík, they took us to their home mountains. As always, right order and fullscreen or even better, click here.