I think I am addicted to stepping out of my comfort zone. While It can be quite exhaustive it is also rewarding and I find, if not done too frequently, that it expands one's horizon and betters you as a person. So I did a TEDx talk at TEDx Reykjavík. And while I am quite used to speaking in front of people, doing a TED talk was a whole new ball game. I have never before memorized a talk from word to word but rather spoken around presentation slides and images. And I tell you it was difficult. And surprisingly the memorising part was not the hardest, but rather the discipline needed to stay on track and not wander around and speaking freely. And at first, I could not bear to watch myself and listen but now, a couple of months away from the event, I feel confident enough about it to write this blogpost and draw attention to it. 

I spoke about my feelings about how photographs and the way we edit and present them can focus and refocus our attention on the world around us. 


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 (Cover photo from TEDx Reykjavík by Ben Gruber.)