This weekend I photographed during an avalanche mission in Reykjavik's city mountain, Esja. A group of three young man were caught by an avalanche, two were rescued and evacuated by the coast guard helicopter but sadly the third young man died. About 150 rescuers were involved in and around the operation. I was there along with my team mates from the HSSK rescue team on a Hagglund all-terrain vehicle transporting rescuers on the mountain. From the missions perspective everything went smooth but when the outcome is still a fatality it is always hard to think of the mission as a success, even though nothing could have been done by the whole rescue effort to change the outcome. Every rescuer knows this feeling. So it is, as it should be, with somewhat of a hesitation that I relies these images, even though we never even got on scene. But my goal is to show the work we do as realistically as I can while showing as much care and respect to our client, the people we are there to help, as I can.