The ICE-SAR Team leaders are a colorful bunch although here they are displayed in the ICE-SAR logo colors, red and yellow.

A few months ago I photographed a team leaders meeting for ICE-SAR. I decided to use an yellow gel for lighting the white wall in the background since the colors in the ICE-SAR logo are red and yellow. The photos were then given to the team leaders as profile pictures for social media and suddenly facebook looked quite yellow and red for a while for us who have the privilege of knowing a lot of those people. Ever since I have wanted to put together this image to see those many different faces of ICE-SAR who all have one thing in common, a red jacked... Yes and of course the passion for search, rescue and not least, to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. That collage contains 100 people who although not all team leaders, were there to represent their team. All of them are there in their own free time, as volunteers, taking time from their families, jobs and other duties. They are farmers, bankers, designers, firefighters, doctors, ceo's, fisherman, mechanics, nurses, teachers, carpenters, contractors, students, guides, IT specialists and the list goes on. Behind those hundred faces there are over 4000 others equally devoted to helping others. In a nation of 330.000 people with limited official resources for search and rescue, their training, their knowledge and experience, their contribution to society, is invaluable.