Every now and then we shoot a "hero" shot of some ICE-SAR team members. It's always fun and this time we got eleven volunteers from different aspects of SAR within the teams. As I set this up and shot it my mind wondered to the times when I joined search and rescue in 1990, then 16 years of age and thought I knew a lot. In those days there was hardly any specialisation within the teams. You were either a land rescuer or a sea rescuer or both, and that was it. So through those now 26 years I have watched and been a part of the transformation of search and rescue in Iceland. And I am proud to be. The level of professionalism and dedication of these volunteers amazes me again and again. We now have all kinds of specialization within the teams and whats even more is that most of these volunteers specialize in more than one or two areas. This image is meant to show some of those different areas of expertise. But to me, when I look into those faces, maybe because I know a lot of those people, it it also says dedication and commitment.