For the past year I have been working on a project for the Icelandic 112 Emergency Dispatch Centre. The details of that remain to be revealed but as a part of that project I got to hang out with the cool people of the Icelandic Coast Guard the other day when they hosted a big international exercise. These people know their stuff and they professionalism shines through the relaxed and cheerful appearance. In fact, thats something to be noticed about Icelandic emergency professionals. Their relaxed and no nonsense attitude backed up by their professionalism and knowledge. There is a saying in Iceland which is "Þetta reddast" and loosely translates as "It's gonna work out somehow". While that might sound like a careless attitude, when combined with experience, knowledge, good preplanning, professionalism and a smile (do not underestimate the power og smile and laughter) it makes a great combination to solve both the expected as well as the unexpected. And thats what ICE-SAR and other Icelandis emergency professionals are known for, resilience and resourcefulness,